Summit Specialise in Safe and Healthy working environments at your workplace.

Summit Occupational Health and Safety Services Ltd provide Occupational Health consultancy and training provision to a variety of organisations throughout the UK. This specialist service enables organisation to facilitate safe and healthy working environments, and will enable you to make decisions which will contribute to the health and well-being of workers. This in turn will help business's achieve high standards in health and safety, well-being, and occupational health, which will contribute positively to business performance, attendance and profits.

This proactive company is founded on extensive experience, qualifications, and skills within this field, and focuses on evidence to underpin practice, in order to promote excellence in service development and delivery. We are committed to provide a cost effective, quality service for your business. Our services offer flexibility regardless of the size of the business, and are available as contractual basis, or as individual services tailored to your organisations specific needs.

Investing in the health and training of your employees is vital to promote improved staff performance and motivation. Providing occupational health and training services to your employees, acknowledges your corporate and social responsibilities. It ensures your commitment to improve the health and skills of your employees, which in turn will impact positively on your corporate image and reputation..

How can Summit Occupational Health help you?

Summit Occupational Health is a leading provider of occupational health services in the UK. Our experience lies in providing tailored occupational health solutions. These can be delivered on-site, in our mobile health surveillance units or from our clinic.

Our dedicated team of experienced Occupational Physicians, Nurses
and Technicians assist you to manage issues affecting the health of
your staff at work and to comply with your legal responsibilities.

It is our aim to deliver a flexible range of pro-active, forward
thinking and cost effective services designed to meet the needs of
your business.  Give Summit a call to see what we can do for you.

What are the benefits to you.


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